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Dragengine.Gui.MenuPopup Class Reference

Popup menu with MenuItem subclass instances. More...

Inheritance diagram for Dragengine.Gui.MenuPopup:
Dragengine.Gui.WindowPopup Dragengine.Gui.Window Dragengine.Gui.Container Dragengine.Gui.Widget

Public Member Functions

MenuItemCommand addItemCommand (MenuPopup menu, String labelId, String label, Image icon, bool enabled, ActionListener action)
MenuItemCommand addItemCommand (MenuPopup menu, TranslationManager translationManager, String labelId, String label, Image icon, bool enabled, ActionListener action)
void addWidget (Widget widget)
 Add widget.
void addWidget (Widget widget, Object settings)
 Add widget.
void captureMouse ()
 Capture mouse.
void dispose ()
 Dispose of widget.
void fitToContent ()
 Fit to content. Modified to update show icon count before fitting.
MenuPopup getLowestOpenSubMenu ()
 Lowest level open sub menu or null.
MenuItemSubMenu getOpenSubMenu ()
 Open sub menu item or null.
MenuPopup new ()
 Create popup menu.
MenuPopup new (Block blockAddContent)
 Create popup menu calling block to add content.
void openSubMenusClearHover ()
 Clear hover widget on open sub menus.
void parentMenusSetHoverOpenSubMenu ()
 Set hover widget in parent menus to open sub menu.
void popdown ()
 Pop down window.
void popupInside (Point position, RectArea boundary)
 Popup inside.
void releaseMouse ()
 Release mouse capture.
void sendEvent (Event event)
 Send event to the widget.
void setOpenSubMenu (MenuItemSubMenu subMenu)
 Set open sub menu or null.
- Public Member Functions inherited from Dragengine.Gui.WindowPopup
bool getCloseOnPopDown ()
 Close on popdown.
Widget getHoverWidget ()
 Widget the mouse hovers above or null.
void grabFocus ()
 Grab focus if possible.
void popup (int x, int y)
 Pop up window at desktop coordinates.
void popup (Point position)
 Pop up window.
bool requestReleaseMouse (Widget widget)
 Request to release mouse capture.
bool requiresPopdown (MouseEvent event)
 Requires popdown window.
void setCloseOnPopDown (bool closeOnPopDown)
 Set close on popdown.
- Public Member Functions inherited from Dragengine.Gui.Window
void activeWidgetGrabFocus ()
void addWindowListener (WindowListener listener)
 Add window listener.
void becomeBackgroundWindow ()
 Set window to act as a non-interactive background window.
void centerWindow ()
 Move window to the center of the parent desktop.
void close ()
 Close window.
bool getActivated ()
 Window is activated.
Widget getActiveWidget ()
 Active widget or null if there is none.
bool getAlwaysOnTop ()
 Window is always on top of all others.
WindowModal getBlockingWindow ()
 Modal window blocking this window or null.
bool getCanActivate ()
 Window can be activated.
bool getCanClose ()
 Window can be closed.
bool getCanMaximize ()
 Window can be maximized.
bool getCanMinimize ()
 Window can be minimized.
bool getCanMove ()
 Window can be moved.
bool getCanReorder ()
 Window can be reordered.
bool getCanResize ()
 Window can be resized.
Decoration getDecoration ()
 Decoration of window.
BorderSize getDecorationSize ()
 Get decoration size.
Color getModalDarkenColor ()
 Darkening color while modal window is in use.
bool getProtectDecoration ()
 Protect custom set decoration.
bool getProtectModalDarkenColor ()
 Protect custom set modal window darkening color.
Window getTopBlockingWindow ()
 Get top most blocking window or null.
Window getWindow ()
 Window or null if this widget is not part of a window.
Point getWindowPosition ()
 Widget position in window coordinates.
WindowState getWindowState ()
 Window state.
void moveAbove (Window window)
 Move window right above the given window.
void moveBelow (Window window)
 Move window right below the given window.
void moveToBottom ()
 Move window to the bottom.
void moveToTop ()
 Move window to the top.
Window new (int x, int y, int width, int height)
 Create window with the given geometry.
Window new (Point position, Point size)
 Create window with the given geometry.
Widget nextFocusWidgetAfter (Widget widget)
 Find next widget in the focus cycle that can grab the focus.
void onDesignerChanged ()
 Designer changed.
void onDesignerSelectorChanged ()
 Designer selector changed.
void onDesktopResized ()
 Desktop size changed.
void onGuiThemeChanged ()
 Gui theme changed.
void onMaximized (WindowEvent event)
 Window has been maximized.
void onMinimized (WindowEvent event)
 Window has been minimized.
void onTranslationChanged ()
 Translation manager or active language pack changed.
Widget prevFocusWidgetAfter (Widget widget)
 Find previous widget in the focus cycle that can grab the focus.
void removeWindowListener (WindowListener listener)
 Remove window listener.
void requestGrabFocus (Widget widget)
 Request to focus the specified widget.
void sendEventToListeners (Event event, bool sendToParent)
 Send event to all appropriate listeners for events of its kind.
void setActivated (bool activated)
 Set if window is activated.
void setActiveWidget (Widget widget)
 Set active widget.
void setAlwaysOnTop (bool alwaysOnTop)
 Set if window is always on top of all others.
void setBlockingWindow (WindowModal window)
 Set modal window blocking this window or null.
void setCanActivate (bool canActivate)
 Set if window can be activated.
void setCanClose (bool canClose)
 Set if window can be closed.
void setCanMaximize (bool canMaximize)
 Set if window can be maximized.
void setCanMinimize (bool canMinimize)
 Set if window can be minimized.
void setCanMove (bool canMove)
 Set if window can be moved.
void setCanReorder (bool canReorder)
 Set if window can be reordered.
void setCanResize (bool canResize)
 Set window can be resized.
void setDecoration (Decoration decoration)
 Set decoration of window.
void setModalDarkenColor (Color color)
 Set darkening color while modal window is in use.
void setProtectDecoration (bool protect)
 Set protect custom set decoration.
void setProtectModalDarkenColor (bool protect)
 Set protect custom set modal window darkening color.
void setTitle (String title)
 Set window title.
void setWindowState (WindowState state)
 Set window state.
- Public Member Functions inherited from Dragengine.Gui.Container
bool allowsChildGrabFocus ()
void doLayout ()
Widget findFocusableWidget ()
Widget findLastFocusableWidget ()
Widget findWidget (Block ablock)
 Find widget using block or null if not found.
int getContainerHeight ()
Point getContainerSize ()
int getContainerWidth ()
bool getHasBlockedDoLayout ()
 doLayout calls happened during runWhileBlockingLayout.
Layout getLayout ()
Point getMinimumSize ()
Point getMinimumSizeForHeight (int height)
 Minimum size of widget using reference widget height and variable width.
Point getMinimumSizeForWidth (int width)
 Minimum size of widget using reference widget width and variable height.
bool getStateChangeNotifyChildren ()
 Notify children if state changed.
Widget getWidget (int index)
Widget getWidgetAt (Point position)
 Widget at coordinates or null if not found.
int getWidgetCount ()
void giveUpFocus ()
bool hasFocusWidget ()
 Focus widget is inside container somewhere.
bool hasWidget (Widget widget)
int indexOfWidget (Widget widget)
Object injectWidget (Object injectValue, Block ablock)
 Process value visiting widgets using block.
bool isChildVisible (Widget child)
bool isMouseInside ()
 Mouse is hovering over this widget.
void layoutParent ()
void moveWidget (Widget widget, int newPosition)
Container new (Layout layout)
 Create container with layout.
Container new (Layout layout, Block blockAddContent)
 Create container with layout calling block to add content.
void onPaddingChanged ()
 Padding changed.
void onStateChanged (StateChangeEvent event)
 State changed.
void removeAllWidgets ()
 Remove and dispose all widgets.
void removeWidget (Widget widget)
 Remove widget without disposing.
bool requestCaptureMouse (Widget widget)
void runWhileBlockingLayout (Block ablock)
 Run block while layouting is blocked.
void setEnabled (bool enabled)
void setHasBlockedDoLayout (bool hasBlockedDoLayout)
 Set if doLayout calls happened during runWhileBlockingLayout.
void setLayout (Layout layout)
void setMousePointer (MousePointerFactory mousePointer)
 Set mouse pointer to use.
void setStateChangeNotifyChildren (bool notify)
 Set to notify children if state changed.
- Public Member Functions inherited from Dragengine.Gui.Widget
void addDragListener (DragListener listener)
void addFocusListener (FocusListener listener)
 Add focus listener.
void addGamepadListener (GamepadListener listener)
 Add gamepad listener.
void addKeyListener (KeyListener listener)
void addMouseListener (MouseListener listener)
void addStateChangeListener (StateChangeListener listener)
 Add state change listener.
void addWidgetListener (WidgetListener listener)
 Add widget listener.
bool canGrabFullFocus ()
void design ()
 Design widget using WidgetDesigner.
CanvasCreator getBackgroundCanvasCreator ()
 Background canvas creator or null to use background color.
Border getBorder ()
BorderSize getBorderSize ()
RectArea getBoundary ()
 Rectangulare boundary of the widget.
RectArea getBoundaryWithBorder ()
 Rectangulare boundary of the widget including border.
bool getCanFocus ()
CanvasView getCanvasBackground ()
CanvasView getCanvasContent ()
CanvasView getCanvasWidget ()
Clipboard getClipboard ()
 Clipboard or null to use parent clipboard.
ColorMatrix getColorTransformation ()
 Color transformation.
WidgetDesigner getDesigner ()
String getDesignerSelector ()
 Designer selector.
Desktop getDesktop ()
Point getDesktopPosition ()
 Widget position in desktop coordinates.
bool getEnabled ()
MousePointerFactory getFirstMousePointer ()
 First assigned mouse pointer.
Font getFont ()
bool getHasFocus ()
int getHeight ()
 Height of widget.
RangeModel getHorizontalRangeModel ()
 Horizontal range model for viewports to synchronize the horizontal scrollbar.
Point getMinimumSizeWithBorder ()
Point getMinimumSizeWithBorderForHeight (int height)
 Minimum size of widget with border using reference height.
Point getMinimumSizeWithBorderForWidth (int width)
 Minimum size of widget with border for reference width.
MousePointerFactory getMousePointer ()
 Mouse pointer to use.
BorderSize getPadding ()
Container getParent ()
Point getPosition ()
 Position of the widget.
bool getProtectBackgroundCanvasCreator ()
 Protect custom set background canvas creator.
bool getProtectBorder ()
 Protect custom set border.
bool getProtectFont ()
 Protect custom set font.
bool getProtectMinimumSize ()
 Protect custom set minimumsize.
bool getProtectMousePointer ()
 Protect custom set mouse pointer.
bool getProtectPadding ()
 Protect custom set padding.
bool getProtectTextColor ()
 Protect custom set text color.
Point getRelativePosition (Container parent)
 Widget position in parent widget coordinates.
Point getScreenPosition ()
 Widget position in screen coordinates.
RectArea getScreenRectArea ()
Point getSetMinimumSize ()
Point getSize ()
 Size of the widget.
Color getTextColor ()
 Text color.
String getTitle ()
 Widget title.
Object getToolTip ()
 Tooltip or null.
float getTotalTransparency ()
TexMatrix2 getTransformation ()
float getTransparency ()
RangeModel getVerticalRangeModel ()
 Vertical range model for viewports to synchronize the vertical scrollbar.
bool getVisible ()
int getWidth ()
 Width of widget.
int getX ()
 X position of widget.
int getY ()
 Y position of widget.
bool hasParent (Container container)
bool isDesignerSet ()
 Custom designer is set.
bool isFullEnabled ()
 Widget and all parent widgets are enabled.
bool isMinimumSizeSet ()
bool isPointInside (Point position)
bool isTransformationSet ()
Widget nextFocusWidget ()
 Find next widget in the focus cycle that can grab the focus.
void notifyBorderParametersChanged ()
void onDispose (WidgetEvent event)
 Window is disposing.
void onFocusLost (FocusEvent event)
 Widget lost focus.
void onFocusReceived (FocusEvent event)
 Widget received focus.
void onFrameUpdate (float elapsed)
 Do frame update.
void onGamepadButtonPressed (GamepadEvent event)
 Gamepad button has been pressed.
void onGamepadButtonReleased (GamepadEvent event)
 Gamepad button has been released.
void onHidden (WidgetEvent event)
 Widget has been hidden.
void onParentStateChanged ()
 Parent state changed.
void onParentStateChanged (bool force)
 Parent state changed.
void onReposition (WidgetEvent event)
 Position changed.
void onResize (WidgetEvent event)
 Size changed.
void onSetFont ()
void onSetTextColor ()
 Text color changed.
void onShown (WidgetEvent event)
 Widget has been shown.
void popdownVirtualKeyboard ()
 Popdown virtual keyboard if Desktop has one assigned.
void popupVirtualKeyboard ()
 Popup virtual keyboard if Desktop has one assigned.
Widget prevFocusWidget ()
 Find previous widget in the focus cycle that can grab the focus.
void processEvent (Event event)
void removeDragListener (DragListener listener)
void removeFocusListener (FocusListener listener)
 Remove focus listener.
void removeGamepadListener (GamepadListener listener)
 Remove gamepad listener.
void removeKeyListener (KeyListener listener)
void removeMouseListener (MouseListener listener)
void removeStateChangeListener (StateChangeListener listener)
 Remove state change listener.
void removeWidgetListener (WidgetListener listener)
 Remove widget listener.
void safeDispose ()
 Safely dispose of widget.
void setBackgroundCanvasCreator (CanvasCreator creator)
 Set background canvas creator or null to use background color.
void setBorder (Border border)
void setCanFocus (bool canFocus)
void setClipboard (Clipboard clipboard)
 Set clipboard or null to use parent clipboard.
void setColorTransformation (ColorMatrix transformation)
 Set color transformation.
void setDesigner (WidgetDesigner designer)
 Set designer.
void setDesignerSelector (String selector)
 Set designer selector.
void setFont (Font font)
void setHasFocus (bool hasFocus)
void setHeight (int height)
 Set height of widget.
void setMinimumSize (Point size)
void setPadding (BorderSize padding)
 Set padding.
void setParent (Container parent)
void setPosition (Point position)
 Set position of widget.
void setProtectBackgroundCanvasCreator (bool protect)
 Set protect custom set background canvas creator.
void setProtectBorder (bool protect)
 Set protect custom set border.
void setProtectFont (bool protect)
 Set protect custom set font.
void setProtectMinimumSize (bool protect)
 Set protect custom set minimumsize.
void setProtectMousePointer (bool protect)
 Set protect custom set mouse pointer.
void setProtectPadding (bool protect)
 Set protect custom set padding.
void setProtectTextColor (bool protect)
 Set protect custom set text color.
void setSize (Point size)
 Set size of widget.
void setTextColor (Color color)
 Set text color.
void setToolTip (Object toolTip)
 Set tooltip or null.
void setTransformation (TexMatrix2 transformation)
void setTransparency (float transparency)
void setVisible (bool visible)
void setWidth (int width)
 Set width of widget.
void setX (int x)
 Set X position of widget.
void setY (int y)
 Set Y Position of widget.
void startFrameUpdater ()
 Start frame updater if not running.
void stopFrameUpdater ()
 Stop frame updater if running.
void stopRepeatEventTimer ()

Public Attributes

MenuPopupAutoCloseSubMenu pAutoCloseSubMenu
bool pCloseButtonReleaseOutside
MenuItemSubMenu pOpenSubMenu
MenuBarItem pParentMenuBarItem
MenuItemSubMenu pParentMenuItem
- Public Attributes inherited from Dragengine.Gui.Window
bool pActivated
Widget pActiveWidget
bool pAlwaysOnTop
WindowModal pBlockingWindow
bool pCanActivate
bool pCanClose
bool pCanMaximize
bool pCanMinimize
bool pCanMove
bool pCanReorder
bool pCanResize
Decoration pDecoration
Color pModalDarkenColor
bool pProtectDecoration
bool pProtectModalDarkenColor
Array pWindowListeners
WindowState pWindowState
- Public Attributes inherited from Dragengine.Gui.Container
bool pBlockLayout
Point pCachedMinSize
int pCachedMinSizeForHeightHeight
Point pCachedMinSizeForHeightSize
Point pCachedMinSizeForWidthSize
int pCachedMinSizeForWidthWidth
Array pChildren
bool pHasBlockedDoLayout
Layout pLayout
bool pStateChangeNotifyChildren
- Public Attributes inherited from Dragengine.Gui.Widget
CanvasCreator pBackgroundCanvasCreator
Border pBorder
bool pCanFocus
CanvasView pCanvasBackground
CanvasView pCanvasContent
CanvasView pCanvasWidget
Clipboard pClipboard
WidgetDesigner pDesigner
String pDesignerSelector
Array pDragListeners
bool pEnabled
Array pFocusListeners
Font pFont
FrameUpdater pFrameUpdater
Array pGamepadListeners
bool pHasFocus
bool pIsDesignerSet
Array pKeyListeners
Point pMinSize
Array pMouseListeners
MousePointerFactory pMousePointer
BorderSize pPadding
Container pParent
Point pPosition
bool pProtectBackgroundCanvasCreator
bool pProtectBorder
bool pProtectFont
bool pProtectMinimumSize
bool pProtectMousePointer
bool pProtectPadding
bool pProtectTextColor
RepeatKeyEventTimer pRepeatEventTimer
Point pSize
Array pStateChangeListeners
Color pTextColor
GuiTheme pTheme
String pThemeSelector
String pTitle
Object pToolTip
TexMatrix2 pTransformation
TranslationManager pTranslationManager
float pTransparency
bool pVisible
Array pWidgetListeners

Protected Member Functions

bool sendEvent (Desktop desktop, MouseEvent event)
 Handle mouse event.
void updateShowIconCount ()
 Update menu items show icon count.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Dragengine.Gui.WindowPopup
void clearHoverWidget ()
 Clear hover widget.
void setHoverWidget (Widget widget, MouseEvent event)
 Set widget the mouse hovers above.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Dragengine.Gui.Window
void setDecorationFromDesigner ()
 Set decoration from designer if not protected.
void updateCanvasGeometry ()
 Update canvas position and size.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Dragengine.Gui.Widget
WidgetDesigner getDesignerFromTheme ()
 Get designer from gui theme.
void updateCanvasBackground ()
 Update background canvas content.

Detailed Description

Popup menu with MenuItem subclass instances.


Member Function Documentation

◆ addItemCommand() [1/2]

MenuItemCommand Dragengine.Gui.MenuPopup.addItemCommand ( MenuPopup  menu,
String  labelId,
String  label,
Image  icon,
bool  enabled,
ActionListener  action 
Use addItemCommand(MenuPopup,String,Image,bool,ActionListener).

◆ addItemCommand() [2/2]

MenuItemCommand Dragengine.Gui.MenuPopup.addItemCommand ( MenuPopup  menu,
TranslationManager  translationManager,
String  labelId,
String  label,
Image  icon,
bool  enabled,
ActionListener  action 
Use addItemCommand(MenuPopup,labelId,label,icon,enabled,action).

◆ addWidget() [1/2]

void Dragengine.Gui.MenuPopup.addWidget ( Widget  widget)

Add widget.

Reimplemented from Dragengine.Gui.Container.

◆ addWidget() [2/2]

void Dragengine.Gui.MenuPopup.addWidget ( Widget  widget,
Object  settings 

Add widget.

Reimplemented from Dragengine.Gui.Container.

◆ captureMouse()

void Dragengine.Gui.MenuPopup.captureMouse ( )

Capture mouse.

Reimplemented from Dragengine.Gui.Widget.

◆ dispose()

void Dragengine.Gui.MenuPopup.dispose ( )

Dispose of widget.

Reimplemented from Dragengine.Gui.Window.

◆ fitToContent()

void Dragengine.Gui.MenuPopup.fitToContent ( )

Fit to content. Modified to update show icon count before fitting.

Reimplemented from Dragengine.Gui.Window.

◆ getLowestOpenSubMenu()

MenuPopup Dragengine.Gui.MenuPopup.getLowestOpenSubMenu ( )

Lowest level open sub menu or null.

◆ getOpenSubMenu()

MenuItemSubMenu Dragengine.Gui.MenuPopup.getOpenSubMenu ( )

Open sub menu item or null.

◆ new() [1/2]

MenuPopup Dragengine.Gui.MenuPopup.new ( )

Create popup menu.

Reimplemented from Dragengine.Gui.WindowPopup.

◆ new() [2/2]

MenuPopup Dragengine.Gui.MenuPopup.new ( Block  blockAddContent)

Create popup menu calling block to add content.

Block receives MenuPopup as argument. Block call is wrapped inside runWhileBlockingLayout() for efficiency. doLayout() will be called after leaving the block.

◆ openSubMenusClearHover()

void Dragengine.Gui.MenuPopup.openSubMenusClearHover ( )

Clear hover widget on open sub menus.

◆ parentMenusSetHoverOpenSubMenu()

void Dragengine.Gui.MenuPopup.parentMenusSetHoverOpenSubMenu ( )

Set hover widget in parent menus to open sub menu.

◆ popdown()

void Dragengine.Gui.MenuPopup.popdown ( )

Pop down window.

Release mouse and hide window. If close on popdown is true close() is called too.

Reimplemented from Dragengine.Gui.WindowPopup.

◆ popupInside()

void Dragengine.Gui.MenuPopup.popupInside ( Point  position,
RectArea  boundary 

Popup inside.

Reimplemented from Dragengine.Gui.WindowPopup.

◆ releaseMouse()

void Dragengine.Gui.MenuPopup.releaseMouse ( )

Release mouse capture.

Reimplemented from Dragengine.Gui.WindowPopup.

◆ sendEvent() [1/2]

bool Dragengine.Gui.MenuPopup.sendEvent ( Desktop  desktop,
MouseEvent  event 

Handle mouse event.

true to stop handle event

◆ sendEvent() [2/2]

void Dragengine.Gui.MenuPopup.sendEvent ( Event  event)

Send event to the widget.

Reimplemented from Dragengine.Gui.WindowPopup.

◆ setOpenSubMenu()

void Dragengine.Gui.MenuPopup.setOpenSubMenu ( MenuItemSubMenu  subMenu)

Set open sub menu or null.

If null hides sub menu. If not null shows submenu.

◆ updateShowIconCount()

void Dragengine.Gui.MenuPopup.updateShowIconCount ( )

Update menu items show icon count.

Member Data Documentation

◆ pAutoCloseSubMenu

MenuPopupAutoCloseSubMenu Dragengine.Gui.MenuPopup.pAutoCloseSubMenu

◆ pCloseButtonReleaseOutside

bool Dragengine.Gui.MenuPopup.pCloseButtonReleaseOutside

◆ pOpenSubMenu

MenuItemSubMenu Dragengine.Gui.MenuPopup.pOpenSubMenu

◆ pParentMenuBarItem

MenuBarItem Dragengine.Gui.MenuPopup.pParentMenuBarItem

◆ pParentMenuItem

MenuItemSubMenu Dragengine.Gui.MenuPopup.pParentMenuItem

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