Drag[en]gine Script Module DragonScript  1.7
Dragengine.Scenery.ARGroup Class Reference

Animator rule group. More...

Inheritance diagram for Dragengine.Scenery.ARGroup:

Public Member Functions

ARGroup new ()
 Create animator rule. More...
void setEnablePosition (bool enabled)
 Enable position modification. More...
void setEnableOrientation (bool enabled)
 Enable orientation modification. More...
void setEnableSize (bool enabled)
 Enable size modification. More...
void setUseCurrentState (bool useCurrentState)
 Set if current animation state is used instead of empty state. More...
void setApplicationType (ARGroupApplication applicationType)
 Set application type. More...
void addRule (AnimatorRule rule)
 Add rule. More...
void removeRule (AnimatorRule rule)
 Remove rule. More...
void removeAllRules ()
 Remove all rules. More...
void targetAddLink (ARGroupTarget target, int link)
 Add link to target. More...
void targetRemoveAllLinks (ARGroupTarget target)
 Remove all links from target. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Dragengine.Scenery.AnimatorRule
void setEnabled (bool enabled)
 Set if rule is enabled. More...
void setBlendMode (AnimatorRuleBlendMode blendMode)
 Set blend mode. More...
void setBlendFactor (float blendFactor)
 Set blend factor clamped to the range from 0 to 1. More...
void addBone (String bone)
 Add bone. More...
void removeAllBones ()
 Remove all bones. More...
void copyBonesFrom (AnimatorRule rule)
 Copy all bones from another rule. More...

Additional Inherited Members


Detailed Description

Animator rule group.

This is a native class. It can not be subclassed.

Member Function Documentation

◆ addRule()

void Dragengine.Scenery.ARGroup.addRule ( AnimatorRule  rule)

Add rule.

◆ new()

ARGroup Dragengine.Scenery.ARGroup.new ( )

Create animator rule.

Reimplemented from Dragengine.Scenery.AnimatorRule.

◆ removeAllRules()

void Dragengine.Scenery.ARGroup.removeAllRules ( )

Remove all rules.

◆ removeRule()

void Dragengine.Scenery.ARGroup.removeRule ( AnimatorRule  rule)

Remove rule.

◆ setApplicationType()

void Dragengine.Scenery.ARGroup.setApplicationType ( ARGroupApplication  applicationType)

Set application type.

EInvalidParamapplicationType is not a valid value.

◆ setEnableOrientation()

void Dragengine.Scenery.ARGroup.setEnableOrientation ( bool  enabled)

Enable orientation modification.

◆ setEnablePosition()

void Dragengine.Scenery.ARGroup.setEnablePosition ( bool  enabled)

Enable position modification.

◆ setEnableSize()

void Dragengine.Scenery.ARGroup.setEnableSize ( bool  enabled)

Enable size modification.

◆ setUseCurrentState()

void Dragengine.Scenery.ARGroup.setUseCurrentState ( bool  useCurrentState)

Set if current animation state is used instead of empty state.

◆ targetAddLink()

void Dragengine.Scenery.ARGroup.targetAddLink ( ARGroupTarget  target,
int  link 

Add link to target.

EInvalidParamtarget is not a valid value.

◆ targetRemoveAllLinks()

void Dragengine.Scenery.ARGroup.targetRemoveAllLinks ( ARGroupTarget  target)

Remove all links from target.

EInvalidParamtarget is not a valid value.

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