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-{{tag>deigde ​editor localization}}+{{tag>igde editor localization}}
 <WRAP youarehere>​ <WRAP youarehere>​
-[[:​start|Start Page]] >> [[gamedev:main|Game Development with the Drag[en]gine]] >> [[gamedev:​deigde:overview|Drag[en]gine Integrated Game Development Environment]] >> **Language Pack Editor**+[[:​start|Start Page]] >> [[:gamedev|Game Development with the Drag[en]gine]] >> [[gamedev:​deigde|Drag[en]gine Integrated Game Development Environment]] >> **Language Pack Editor**
 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
 ====== IGDE Language Pack Editor ====== ====== IGDE Language Pack Editor ======
-The language pack editor allows to create [[gamedev:​localization|Localization using Language Packs]] for your game. 
-===== Preview Image ===== +The language pack editor allows to edit [[gamedev:​localization|Localization using Language Packs]] (*.delangpack depending on the language pack modules present) for your game. Language packs provide a simple list of unicode translations (in UTF-8) mapped using a unique string key. 
-** TODO **+ 
 +<WRAP group> 
 +<WRAP column>​ 
 +{{:​gamedev:​deigde:​editors:​editor_langpack.jpg?​direct&​400|Language pack editor preview}} 
 +The editor window composes of the translation table and the properties panel on the left side. 
 +====== ​Translation Table ====== 
 +The translation table shows the list of translation entries in the language pack. To edit an entry select it in the list. In the panel below you can then enter the changes. Use the **Entry** menu to add and remove translation entries. 
 +The name of translation entries can be chosen freely. It is recommended to use a form like "​Category.SubCategory.Entry"​ to organize entries, for example "​items.chair.displayName"​ or "​ui.windowLoading.progess"​. There is no restriction in the characters so you can also use something like "​Items:​ Chair -> DisplayName"​ if this better fits your game. 
 +====== Language Pack ====== 
 +{{ :​gamedev:​deigde:​editors:​editor_langpack_langpack.png?​nolink|Language pack panel}} 
 +Shows parameters of the language pack. 
 +The **Name** and **Description** are used in games to provide the user with a list of language packs to select. Both should be in the native language. 
 +The **Missing Text** text is used if a missing translation is requested. Games can decide to ignore this and instead show the missing translation entry. 
 +<WRAP clear/>​ 
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