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 +{{tag>​graphic skin texture outline emission}}
 +<WRAP youarehere>​
 +[[:​start|Start Page]] >> [[:​gamedev|Game Development with the Drag[en]gine]] >> [[gamedev:​skinproperties|Skin Texture Properties]] >> [[gamedev:​texturepropertylist|Texture Property Database]] >> **outline.emissivity.tint**
 +====== Skin Texture Property: outline.emissivity.tint ======
 +Defines the tint for the [[outline_emissivity|outline.emissivity] texture property.
 +|Excepted Data Source|3 component color|
 +|Data Range|0 to 1 for all color components|
 +|Default Value|(1, 1, 1)|
 +|Affected Modules|Graphic|
 +|Linked Properties|[[outline_emissivity|outline.emissivity]]|
 +====== Description ======
 +The **outline.emissivity.tint** texture property is linked to the **[[outline_emissivity|outline.emissivity]]** texture property. It defines a color multiplication factor to tint the color from the **[[outline_emissivity|outline.emissivity]]** texture property. This allows to alter the emissivity color of textures without requiring new skins for each color variation. Furthermore this allows for dynamic color changes using a renderable for this texture property.
 +The color values are typically a **[[gamedev:​renderables|renderable]]** or a 3 color component value with all color components located inside the range from 0 to 1. Values outside this range might be useful for special effects but are not recommended.
 +The default value for this texture property is white (1, 1, 1).
 +====== Examples ======
 +<WRAP center 100%>
 +<WRAP center box 450px>
 +<WRAP centeralign>​Example usage of outline.* skin texture properties.</​WRAP>​
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