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Example Projects

Example projects for the the Drag[en]gine game engine.

You can find the source code in the GitHub Repository. There you can also find in the Release Section the pre-build DELGA files to test out the example projects without opening the project files.


Download or clone the source code to your computer. Each directory contains an example project as well as a directory with some example content you can use for getting to know the game engine.

Directory exampleApp

This project is a basic example of a game application. It contains various small areas demonstrating individual engine features. Seeing how something works is usually easier than reading documentation.

Directory dstestproject

Another test project focusing on various UI aspects of the DragonScript Script Module. The exampe is organized as a set of windows you can open each demonstrating UI features.

Directory audioTest

This project contains a flight of hallways with individual rooms demonstrating the Drag[en]gine Audio System. This audio system provides aurealization support which is enabled automatically if your game objects are befitted with audio models and you use audio texture properties on your object skins.

Directory videoplayer

This project contains a simple video player.

Directory network

This project contains an example of a network game application. The project consist of a simple game prototype allowing a player to host a game and others to join the game. Some basic game mechanics are present which are unfinished on purpose. You are encouraged to try complete the mechanics as a learning experience.

Directory degraphicstest

This project is a bit more than just an example project. The basic idea behind this project is to allow graphic module developers to test features using a simple test setup. This project allows to load worlds and shows a configurable set of parameters on the UI. The user can then manipulate the parameters to examine their effect. The project is made in a way users/developers can share test worlds with others.

Directory exampleContent

This directory contains some example content. Contains some simple example skins covering a couple of different materials as well as an example game object class defined using the XML element class system. This content you can directly copy/paste into your projects to experiment with.

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