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Terrain Modelling And Terraforming

Sometime ago we had a discussion with Dragonlord regarding terrain modelling and by the end of this discussion I was “appointed” –with great pleasure- to look into the issues of constructing realistic digital terrains with any associated formations such as rivers, flora, etc.

I thought I might post some of the results we had in this domain right here as an archive of our efforts and perhaps to get some feedback.

The whole process of Terrain Modelling and Terraforming is the output of a hierarchical model. This means that in order to perform Terraforming (layout the populations of plants and trees, etc), the information regarding the shape of the Terrain should already have been generated. Also, Terrain Modelling and Terraforming will be explained into two separate sections.

Throughout my work I have used MATLAB as the primary tool for developing the algorithms. This is because it allows me to work fast and estimate quickly if an algorithm is working or not and make quick adjustments. I am sure that when Dragonlord implements these algorithms he is going to put a lot of effort into optimising all this.


  • Terrain Modelling
  • Terraforming
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