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Due to the modular nature a fixed list of engine features as other engines provide is not possible since it all depends on the customer's choices. This list here contains a run-down of the features provided by the default modules shipping with the game engine as well as core features of the engine itself.

Last updated: 10.01.2014


  • Linux (32/64-Bit)
  • Windows XP/Vista/7 (32/64-bit)
  • Haiku (BeOS)

Game Engine

  • Unlimited/Endless dynamic game worlds
  • Various light sources (sky, point, spot/projector, ambient)
  • Dynamic multi-layer Skies with bodies
  • Height Map Terrains with Height Modifiers (Terra-Morphing)
  • Animator System (animation blending, procedural, scripted)
  • Attachable Decals
  • Colliders (kinematics, dynamics)
  • Sensors (lumimeter, touch sensor)
  • Dynamic environment map probes
  • Post processing effects stack
  • Multi-World-Rendering
  • Crash Recovery System
  • Run-Time debugging (exception trace, module parameters, module console)
  • L-GPL license
  • True 0-Day Portability
  • Localization Support (UTF-8)
  • Particle Systems (all texture properties possible)
    • Physical particle collisions
    • Multiple types per emitters
    • Controller based real-time control of particle parameters
    • Collision emitter (cascaded particle emitters, cast on collision)
    • Trail emitters (behind all particles of a type)
    • Burst support
    • Cast from model vertices/faces
    • Ribbon support


  • DELauncher (runs games from the console)
    • Same features as DELauncherGUI
    • Supports running games (server side) in text-mode
    • Uses same configuration files as DELauncherGUI (inter-operable)
    • Bare-bone launcher ideal for servers and power users
  • DELauncherGUI (runs games from a GUI)
    • Intelligent Patching Support (virtual patching using VFS)
    • Easy Modding Support (using VFS similar to intelligent patching)
    • User Game Overlay (saves, captures/grabs, user dynamic game data)
    • Game Profile Support
    • True 0-Day Portability without extra work
  • DEIGDE: Drag[en]gine Integrated Game Development Environment.

DEIGDE (Drag[en]gine Integrated Game Development Environment)

Engine Resource editors allow to edit ALL resource files of a given type for which a matching module exists in the engine to load this file. They are thus Game Independent.

  • Rig (edit engine rig resources)
  • Skin (edit engine skin resources)
  • Font (edit engine font resources)

Epsylon editors allow to edit definition files used by the Epsylon game. Most of them are though also useful for other games. Loader scripts are available to load these definitions in your game.

  • World (edit Epsylon worlds, *.world.xml)
  • Animator (edit Epsylon animator definition, *.animator.xml)
  • Sky (edit Epsylon sky definition, *.sky.xml)
  • Particle (edit Epsylon particle emitter definition, *.partem.xml)
  • Speech Animation (edit Epsylon speech animation definition, *.spa.xml)
  • Conversation (edit Epsylon conversation definition, *.conversation.xml)

Graphic (OpenGL Module)

  • Deferred Rendering
  • High Definition Range Rendering
  • Adaptive tone mapping (Reinhard operator)
  • Gamma correct rendering
  • No light source limitation
  • Modified CLOD for height terrains
  • Shadow Mapping with PCF
  • Dual Shadow Mapping
  • Cascaded Shadow Mapping for sky lights
  • Colored shadows
  • Octree Scene Graphing
  • GLSL 1.3+
  • Masked and fully transparency rendering
  • Order independent transparency (no limitation on layer count)
  • Distorted Transparency
  • Normal Mapping
  • Specularity
  • Self emission
  • Mirrors
  • Dynamic Environment Map Reflection
  • Dynamic Textures (image, camera view, custom rendered, videos)
  • Particle Illumination
  • Screen-Space Reflections
  • Screen-Space Ambient Occlusion
  • Ambient Occlusion Self-Shadowing

Physics (Bullet Module)

  • Rigid Body physics
  • 6-DoF constraints
  • Soft body (WIP)
  • Constraint Attachable Colliders (static, bone/weighted, rigged)
  • Spring Constraints
  • Prop Field Wind Simulation
  • Physical Particle Simulation

Scripting (choose what pleases you best)

  • DragonScript (Engine abstracts with simple classes, Object Oriented, Support for external Code Packages)
  • Python (WIP)
  • Smalltalk (WIP)

Audio (OpenAL Module)

  • 3D Audio support
  • Streaming audio

AI (DE AI Module)

  • Various Navigation Spaces (Navigation Grid, Navigation Mesh, Navigation Volume)
  • Layers support (operate multiple different spaces at the same time)
  • Unlimited number of spaces (automatic linking great for streaming and large worlds)
  • Smooth path calculation
  • Automatic optimizations

Network (DENetwork Module)

  • UDP
  • State synchronization
  • Multi-host servers (Client-Server, Peer-2-Peer)
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