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Many people don't like a lot of long text but prefer a short summary of what an engine can do. Therefore here is a list to give you an idea why the Drag[en]gine should be the engine of your choice. The list is split into three sections. The Game Designer section is interesting for all game developers. The Module Coder section is interesting for all people interested in working on individual parts of a game engine without having to code the entire beast. Finally the User section is interesting for all gamers and modders.

If you like though a lengthy list this wish can be granted too: Drag[en]gine Feature List

Game Designer Features

Language of choicePick the scripting language of your choice and get going. No need to know how the game engine works. You just have to know your Scripting Module of choice.
Hardware AbstractionYou do not have to know which operating system or cards your game runs upon. The game engine, the modules and the various launchers take care of this for you. Your game works out of the box on anything a module or launcher exists for.
GPL Game EngineNo need for buying expensive licenses and since the Game Launcher takes care of handling the engine you do not link to the game engine itself. You are free to use whatever license fits your game.
Automatic Updating/FeaturesUpdating and enhancing the engine is handled by the Engine Team, the various Module Teams and the Launchers used by the end users. You only have to worry about specific support for your game.
Single contentYou do not have to create different game content for different systems. Create your games for the best possible machine and the user decides the amount of eye-candy and features he gets through choosing modules.

Module Coder Features

Local CodingPlay around with individual parts of the engine without disturbing any other part. This is great for testing new algorithms or simply learning the tools of trade without having to write everything else before you get going.
Advanced DebuggingThe Drag[en]gine has a large arsenal of run-time debugging aids which help you debug and enhance your module without having to shut down the engine. You can fix and test a bug right at the place in the game it happens.
More StabilityWorking only on a small piece of code provides much more stable and solid code. Focus on where you are an expert making one more part of the engine rock solid.
Quicker PortingThe Operating System dependant code is only very small and often only a few modules are affected. This makes it easy to port the engine to another operating system by adapting only the affected modules.

User Features

Customizable Game EngineYou are in the driver seat deciding what module power your games. Find once the optimal combination and all games based on this engine are immediatly working at their potential.
Open Modding ToolsAll file formats are based on open standards and freely available software. No need for complicate and error prone Software Developent Kits to get some modding done. Just jump in and start with the fun.
Various Game LaunchersThis Game Engine is not only usable for gaming or modding. Various launchers can be used to play videos to create for example Machinimas or even other forms of entertainment. The Game Engine is as powerful as the launcher you install.
Crash RecoveryIf for some reason the game crashes due to an error in a module or script the Drag[en]gine game engine does not crash to desktop like other engines but provides you with a Crash Recovery module to recover. Change module parameters or even switch to another module and continue your game from where it crashed without loosing progress.
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