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Canvas Canvas View

Canvas canvas view enables re-rendering of canvas in other places. This sort of duplicates a canvas and all its content but without physically making duplicates. A canvas is only allowed to be child of exactly one parent canvas view. To use a canvas in multiple canvas view you have to use a canvas canvas view to replicate the content. Doing so you can also apply transformations to alter the copies.

You do not need to use canvas canvas view for displaying a canvas in different dynamic skin renderables for 3D rendering. Dynamic skin renderables support assinging a canvas view to display directly. This works since dynamic skin renderables are no parents of canvas views just using them.

Canvas re-rendered in two canvas view with transformations

Canvas re-rendered in two canvas view with transformations.

Canvas canvas views support repeating similar to image canvas. This allows for special effects like replicating a canvas in a tiling fashion all over another canvas.

Image with two different repetition values larger than 1

Image with two different repetition values larger than 1.

Usage example DragonScript

// create an example image canvas to replicate. it is located in a parent view
var Image image = "/images/example_image.png" )
var Canvas canvas = Canvas.IMAGE )
canvas.setSize( image.getSize() )
canvas.setImage( image )
parentCanvas.addCanvas( canvas )

// create canvas canvas view to replicate the image canvas in another parent view
var Canvas canvasCanvasView = Canvas.CANVASVIEW )
canvasCanvasView.setSize( canvas.getSize() )         // set same size to avoid stretching
canvasCanvasView.setPosition( 20, 10 ) )  // set position relative to parent canvas
canvasCanvasView.setCanvasView( canvas )             // assign canvas to replicate
parentCanvas2.addCanvas( canvasCanvasView )          // add canvas to a different parent
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