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Skin Texture Property: refraction.distort.strength

Defines the strength of the refraction distort effect.

Excepted Data Source1 component value
Data Rangeany value
Default Value0.01
Affected ModulesGraphic
Linked Propertiesrefraction.distort


The refraction.distort.strength texture property is linked to the refraction.distort texture property. It defines the strength of the refraction distortion. The displacement is measured relative to the size of the render window.

The source is typically a single component value representing the displacement percentage relative to the render window. 0.1 for example would be a maximum displacement of 10% of the render window width. Negative values are possible to invert the effect.

The default value for this texture property is 0.01 (1% of render window).


Distorted refraction behind a transparent object

Distorted refraction behind a transparent object. The distortion is not a true Fresnel based refraction but a Screen Space distortion. Using the refraction.distort.strength texture property the strength of the distortion can be controlled. As image a normal map is used which allows to reuse the normal map also for distortion effects.

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