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Skin Texture Property List

This list contains all existing texture properties. If you implement a Graphic, Audio or Physics module you have to stick to this list. You are not required to support all texture properties mentioned here but if you support them stick to the definition below. Artist rely on the same list to produce their content. For testing new texture properties you can define new properties and propose them for inclusion.

Property names typically compose of one or more names with optional dots in between. Color components and gray scale values are written in the range from 0 to 1 with 0 equal to an RGB value of 0 and 1 equal to an RGB value of 255. Values with more than one color component are written in paranthesis. You are not required to use the full number of components written. Using less is valid and the modules fill up the remaining components with their default values.

Some texture properties have boolean values. The Drag[en]gine does though not use a boolean data type only float data types. As a rule of thumb values below 0.5 are treated as 0 (or false) and all other values a 1 (or true). To avoid troubles though it is best to stick to 0 and 1 as values in these cases.

The properties are listed in a summary table sorted alphabethically by name. Click on a name to find details about the texture property in question.

Property NameDescription Source Default Graphics Physics Audio
absorptionSub surface absorption factor. image (0,0,0) X
absorption.rangeSub surface absorption scatter range. value 0 X
ambient.occlusionAmbient occlusion. image 1 X
ambient.occlusion.solidity.multiplierAmbient occlusion solidity mask multiplier. image 1 X
bouncinessDefines the bounciness of the surface. value 0 X
clip.planeClip plane. value 0 X
clip.plane.borderClip plane border. value 0 X
colorAlbedo color. image (0,0,0) X
color_alphaAlbedo color with transparency. image (0,0,0,1) X
color.gammaGamma correction for the color and color_alpha texture property. value 2.2 X
color.omnidirOmnidirectional color using cube-map. image (0,0,0) X
color.omnidir.equirectOmnidirectional color using equirectangular map. image (0,0,0) X
color.tintTint for the color and color_alpha texture property. value (1,1,1) X
color.tint.maskBlends between color.tint and color property. value 1 X
color.solidity.multiplierColor solidity mask multiplier. value 1 X
emissivityDefines the emissivity. image (0,0,0) X
emissivity.tintDefines the emissivity tint. color (1,1,1) X
emissivity.intensityDefines the emissivity intensity. value 1 X if intensity of all emissivity properties are absolute intensities or relative to the camera adapted maximum intensity. value 0 X
environmentmapDefines a custom environmentmap to use for reflections. image (1,1,1,0) X
environmentroomDefines an environment room to simulate a 3 dimensional on a flat surface. image (not set) X
environmentroom.sizeDefines the size ratio for an environment room. value (1,1) X
environmentroom.maskDefines the environment room mask. value 1 X
environmentroom.emissivityDefines the emissivity for an environment room. image (0,0,0) X
environmentroom.emissivity.tintDefines the emissivity tint for an environment room. color (1,1,1) X
environmentroom.emissivity.intensityDefines the intensity of the environment room emissivity. value 1 X
heightHeight of surface point. value 0.5 X
height.scaleScale of height texture property. value 1 X
height.offsetOffset of height texture property. value 0 X
mirrorDefines if the material is fully mirroring. value 0 X
nonpbr.albedoNon-PBR Albedo. image (0,0,0) X
nonpbr.metalnessNon-PBR Metalness. image 0 X
normalSurface normal. image (0.5,0.5,1) X X
normal.strengthStrength of normal property influence. value 1 X X
normal.solidity.multiplierNormal solidity mask multiplier. value 1 X
omnidir.rotateDefines the rotation of omni-direction textures. value (0,0,0) X
omnidir.rotate.spotDefines the rotation of omni-direction textures for spot lights only. value (0,0,0) X
outline.colorOutline color. color (0,0,0) X
outline.color.tintOutline color tint. color (1,1,1) X
outline.emissivityOutline emissive color. color (0,0,0) X
outline.emissivity.tintOutline emissive color tint. color (1,1,1) X
outline.emissivity.intensityOutline emission intensity. value 0 X
outline.solidityOutline solidity. value 1 X
outline.thicknessOutline thickness. value 0 X
outline.thickness.screenOutline thickness measurement mode. value 0 X
reflectedDetermines if the object is reflected by other geometry (1=yes or 0=no). value 1 X
reflectivityPer-color reflectivity/reflectance. image 3 X
reflectivity.gammaGamma correction for the reflectivity texture property. value 1 X
reflectivity.solidity.multiplierReflectivity/reflectance solidity mask multiplier. value 1 X
refraction.distortDistortion behind transparent object. image (0.5,0.5) X
refraction.distort.strengthStrength of the distortion behind transparent object effect. value 0.01 X
rim.angleDefines the rim angle. value 0 X
rim.emissivityDefines the rim emissivity. image (0,0,0) X
rim.emissivity.tintDefines the rim emissivity tint. color (1,1,1) X
rim.emissivity.intensityDefines the rim emissivity intensity. value 1 X
rim.exponentDefines the rim exponent. value 1 X
roughnessSurface roughness. image (1,1) X X
roughness.gammaGamma correction for the roughness texture property. value 1 X X
roughness.remap.lowerLower remap value for the roughness texture property. value 0 X X
roughness.remap.upperUpper remap value for the roughness texture property. value 1 X X
roughness.solidity.multiplierRoughness solidity mask multiplier. value 1 X
shadow.importanceDefines how important shadow casting is for this material. value 1 X
shadow.noneDefines if the material casts shadows. value 0 X
soliditySolidity. image 1 X
solidity.multiplierSolidity multiplier. value 1 X
solidity.makedSolidity masked (1=enabled or 0=disabled). value 1 X
solidity.filterPrioritySolidity filtering priority. value 0.5 X
sound.absorptionSound absorption. audio 0.12 X
sound.absorption.lowerSound absorption multiplier for low frequencies. audio 0.35 X
sound.absorption.upperSound absorption multiplier for high frequencies. audio 1.75 X
sound.transmissionSound transmission. audio 0.4 X
sound.transmission.lowerSound transmission multiplier for low frequencies. audio 2.8 X
sound.transmission.upperSound transmission multiplier for high frequencies. audio 0.28 X
sound.noneMaterial does affect sound. audio 0 X
texcoord.clampDefines if the texture coordinates are clamped to the border. value 0 X
texcoord.scaleDefines the scaling for texture coordinates. value (1,1,1) X
texcoord.rotateDefines the rotation for texture coordinates. value 0 X
transparencyTransparency. image 1 X
transparency.multiplierTransparency multiplier. value 1 X
variation.uEnable variation in U direction value 0 X
variation.vEnable variation in V direction value 0 X
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