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Skin Texture Property: environmentroom.emissivity

Defines the emissivity for an environment room.

Excepted Data Source3 component image
Data Range0 or greater
Default Value(0,0,0)
Affected ModulesGraphic
Linked Propertiesenvironmentroom.emissivity.intensity


The environmentroom.emissivity texture property definesthe emissivity for an environment room.

Environment room emissivity map can exist in different formats ranging from Cube Maps all the way to 2D Atlas reduced formats. All these are defined in the Drag[en]gine using an image. This works since images can have a depth or layers (z coordinates). To define a proper Cube Map for use with this texture property the image has to have a depth of 6 with each layer specifying a single face of the Cube Map. The ordering of the faces is the following:

  • Layer 0 (z=0): Positive X Axis
  • Layer 1 (z=1): Negative X axis
  • Layer 2 (z=2): Positive Y Axis
  • Layer 3 (z=3): Negative Y Axis
  • Layer 4 (z=4): Positive Z Axis
  • Layer 5 (z=5): Negative Z Axis

Each layer has to be oriented along the other two positive axes. Hence the positive x axis layer has to be oriented with the image x and y axis along the cube map y and z axis. The negative z axis image is not used thus a 5 layer image is accepted as cube map too.

The source is typically a floating point image with 3 color components with values 0 or greater.

The default value for this texture property is (0,0,0) which is non-emissive.


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