Drag[en]gine Game Engine Release 1.2

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Drag[en]gine Game Engine Release 1.2

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Another Release to make the Dragon stronger and bigger.

This release contains more Bug Fixes and new Features. Get the 1.2 release files from the Download Section. You can install it over the 1.1 release but I would suggest uninstalling the 1.1 first. Keeps the engine directory cleaner.

You can find the full Changelog of the latest release on this Perma-Link: Changelog Latest Release.

Some of the new Features (besides others) are these.

DragonScript has now support for EditableImage allowing games to edit image resources at runtime as well as accessing image pixels directly.
ImageBorderCanvasCreator supports now attaches allowing to create speech bubbles and more interesting UI designs: Info Wiki.
PanelHud widget has been added to easily create typical HUDs.
And support for Listener Factories has been added (see video).

Graphics wise the "rim.*" texture properties have been added (see video): Info Wiki.
Last but not least FBX Support has been added (video) so you can use your FBX files directly as Model, Rig and Animation resource.

Videos: Listener Factories, rim.* Texture Properties, FBX Support.

If you find bugs or missing features please Please report them on GitHub or at the Developer Forum.

If you have questions, suggestions or other inquiries you can PM me here or using the Contact Page.
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