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Behavior in action

Behavior element behavior adding VR HMD support to actor. This behavior tracks the HMD position and orientation and if it is attached or not.

Instance Counts

This behavior can be used only once on an element.

Element Class Properties

This behavior has no element class properties.

Required Behaviors

Optional Behaviors

This behavior does not support optional behaviors.


This behavior does not use persistency.

API Documentation


Since DragonScript Module Version 1.6

Use Cases

  • Attach in-game camera to HMD. Required to see rendered scene in the HMD.

Element Class Example

The following example creates an element class supporting HMD being driven by actor:

class MyElement extends BehaviorElementClass
  public func new()
    // Add VR Playspace behavior. Base behavior required by all VR behaviors
    var ECBehaviorVRPlayspace vrPlayspace =
    // Add VR HMD behavior. With this behavior present VRPlayerControlledActorCameraDirector
    // can attach the HMD to the in-game camera, vrPlayspace)

Live Examples

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