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DragonScript is a general purpose scripting language with a set of modules developed specifically for writing games. Its design was driven by the following guidelines:

  • Simple syntax with little amount of keywords and quick to type
  • Strongly typed
  • Fully object oriented (Integer is an object albeit optimized)
  • Easy integration into C++ based projects (no C-style wrapping hacks and no singleton hacks)
  • Strict forward parsing (no look-ahead nor looking back so well suited for compile-on-streaming)
  • Block support with closure (no invisible class hacks or complicated functors or lambda expressions)
  • Transparent support for native functions

Information about the APIs can be found here: DragonScript API Documentation



API Documentation

Source Code

Getting Started

Wiki pages containing information on how to get started with using the DragonScript Script Module to create games with. For Drag[en]gine general topics see Game Development with the Drag[en]gine.

Implementation Details

Wiki pages containing detailed implementation information about topics specific to DragonScript. For Drag[en]gine general topics see Game Development with the Drag[en]gine.

Script Examples

Wiki pages outside the DragonScript area containing DragonScript example scripts.

Demo Projects

Included are also Demo Projects to look at scripts or using as starting base.

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