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Drag[en]gine Integrated Game Development Environment (IGDE)


The IGDE is the main work place to create your games with. It provides a single application with various specialised editors and tools to create games using the Drag[en]gine Game Engine. The editor enables real-time preview of the created content but is not written using the game engine. This allows for a number of optimisations but more importantly offers developers a tool that looks & feels like a native OS application while providing all the benefits of using the game engine directly for previewing the game content.


The IGDE brings together a set of specialised editors for putting together game content.

Creating a game starts by creating a game project. This file contains all game data but different aspects of these data are modified by different editors adapted to the task. These editors can be complemented by user specific editors depending on their needs.

The following editors are available in the IGDE:

At this point, you might also want to refresh your memory on modules since they are closely coupled with the way editors work.

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