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The DEMoCap Application allows to do Motion Capture using VR equipment. DEMoCap is build using the Drag[en]gine game engine. The resulting captured animations are usable directly in the Drag[en]gine game engine or can be imported into Blender for editing. Using Blender the captured animations can be used for all other purposes Blender can be used for.

To create motion capture you need at least one Actor Profile (the person acting using VR equipment) and at least one Character Profile with at least one Character Configuration (game character to apply motion capture to). Motion capture sessions are stored as Drag[en]gine Animation Files (*.deanim). These can be used directly in the Drag[en]gine with the character or imported into Blender using the Drag[en]gine Import Export Blender Addon.

The latest version can be downloaded here:

To run DEMoCap you need a working installation of Drag[en]gine Game Engine as a working SteamVR (Steam) installation.

The Drag[en]gine Game Engine starts out with settings suitable for regular 3D rendering. For DEMoCap (VR rendering) this can be demanding out of the box. See if VR rendering is lagging or slow and adjust the graphic settings accordingly.




Object Behavior Properties

Generic Object Classes

High Level Motion Transfer

Low Level Motion Transfer

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